CC Circulars


Circulars (Serially)

1)Equitable Mortgage u.s. 35
2)Memorandum in the prescribed form Schedule II-A
3)Office hours on Saturdays in the Mofussil Regional Offices
4)A - Maintenance of Diaries by Inspectors
5)Monthly returns in respect of inquiries
6)Restriction on taking benefits by the employees of the Charity Organisation from Public Tru
7)Moveable of value-showing them in accounts
8)Tour programmes of the Regional Offices – Submission of
9)Tour programmes of the Regional Offices – Submission of
10)Booking of Trunk Calls – Procedure of
11)Inspection of Public Trusts – Instructions regarding
12)Reports of changes in the particulars of public trusts
13)Societies registered under the S.R.Act, 1860 - Registration of - under the BPT Act, 1950
14)Preservation of records of public trusts
15)Suits or proceeding in which the Charity Commissioner is party
16)BPT Act, 1950 and appearance of pleader in Courts on behalf of CC MS, Bombay
17)BPT Act, 1950 and appearance of pleader in Courts on behalf of CC MS, Bombay
18)Delay in disposal of cases and prompt attendance to the members of the public
19)Submission of a copy of the Register of public trusts maintained in each PTR Office to the
20)Inspection of entries in the PTR & other documents
21)Guidance to the Regional Officers in respect of expeditious disposal of inquiries
22)Procedure where the executor of the will is a de facto trustees or desanton
23)Designations of proceedings before the Charity Commissioner
24Finding regarding remuneration of the trustee
25)Issue of receipt for money under the signature of accountant
26)Office hours on Saturdays in the Mofussil Regional Offices under the Charity Organisation
27)Applications received in Regional Offices under the provisions of the BPT Act, 1950 - Promp
28)Finding regarding the objects of the trusts
29)Mode of addressing communications, etc., to the Charity Commissioner, Maharashtra State, Bo
30)Applications, letters, etc. - Acknowledgment of
31)Receipt, Registration and Distribution of Tapal
32)Leave Forecast
33)Increment of non-gazetted staff - Drawal of
34)Designations of proceedings before the Regional Dy.C.Cs. or A.C.Cs
35)Purchase of articles and spending of large amounts without Government sanction
36)Legislative Assembly and Council Questions - Priority to be given
37)Whether the expression 'medical relief' in Rule 32 includes medical relief to animals
38)Delay in disposing of References sent to the Regional Offices
39)Maintenance of Register of Change Sch. IV
40)Verification of entries made on Public Trusts Registers
41)Delay in disposal of references received from the Charity Commissioner
42)Remanded cases - Speedy disposal of
43)Abstract of work sheet - correct maintenance of
44)Accounting Returns, overdue and not submitted. Collection of information of --
45)Section 64 of the BPT Act
46)Instruction to the followed by the Regional Offices in respect of inquiries of Inspection
47)Publicity tours by Deputy or Assistant Charity Commissioner
48)Maintenance of Docket -Sheet with Record and Proceedings
49)Instructions contained in the inspection Notes of Charity Commissioner, and Government comp
50)Inquiries entrusted to the Inspectors
51)Proper maintenance of Daily diaries and Inquiry Registers by the Inspectors
52)Inspection of the work of the members of the staff
53)Disposal of old judicial inquiries
54)Withdrawal of application under Sections 18, 22, and 22A, and starting of suo-motu inquiry
55)Instruction to the Regional Officer numbering of Judicial Cases and other irregularities
56)Appointment of trustees. Collection of the particulars of
57)Maintenance of register for prosecutions cases
58)Application u.s 19 of the B.P.T.Act, 1950, by a person having interest in a public trust
59)Manner of Dealing complaint from Charity Commissioner's Office of from Government
60)Training facilities to the non-gazetted (Ministerial) Supervisory staff
61)Verification of entries in the Register of Public Trust
62)Minister and Member of the Legislative Assembly and Council by the number of the Staff
63)Disposal of Judicial Cases
64)Instruction to the Assistant Registrar of Societies inrespect of submission, According retu
65)Attendance of inspectors in the Public Trusts Sub-Regional Offices at their Head Quarters
66)Maintenance of Roznamas in inquiries by the inspectors
67)Removal of Trustees on Conviction
68)Proposals for sanction to prosecute trustees under Section-83 of the Bombay Public Trust Ac
69)Position of Section 35 and 36 of Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950
70)Delay in final disposal of application and other references avoidance of
71)Inspection of Public Trusts by Regional Officers and inspectors
72)Maintenance of register of the proceedings in the Regional Office
73)Amendment in Section 9 of the BPT Act, 1950
74)Amendment in Section 9 of the BPT Act, 1950
75)Clarification regarding Section 35 of the Bombay Public Trusts Act, 1950
76)Handing over the accounting returns to the inspectors for spot inquiries
77)Instruction to the Inspectors about if the trustee insolvent
78)G.P.F. Advances and Festival Advances Grant of to Government Servants
79)General Instruction of keeping supervision and keeping affairs of the Public
80)Points to be examined and action to be taken by the Scrutinizer at the time
81)Costs incurred on Assessors and parties
82)Judicial Cases-Increase in the number of more than six months cases
83)Maintenance of Register of Audit Reports (Sch. X)
84)Instruction for watching the receipts
85)Receiving amounts creditable to the Public Trusts Administration Fund by
86)Maintenance of the Register of Contribution and reconciliation thereof
87)Work on Tour
88)Attending Parties trustees attending the office and language of letters to be
89)Voucher for payments
90)Instructions and Directions to the Inspectors regarding the Inquiries into
91)Joint Cadre of Clerks and Typists
92)Conduct of Regional Officers and their subordinate staff
93)Instructions for watching the receipts and disposal of statements of
94)Office Library
95)Stationery Registers
96)Office Library in the Head Office
97)Directly approached to M.L.A. or the leaders of the political parties with
98)Amount of Balance fee to be recovered in respect of processes served
99)Payment of copying fee to the copyist
100)Institution of the Inquiries under Section 41-B of the Bombay
101)Instructions to be observed by Regional Officers while recommending the
102)Outstanding contributions, etc., payable under the Acts, mentioned in Schedule A of the BPT
103)Sub- Regional Offices in the Charity Commissioner
104)Removal of trustees on conviction
105)Handing over and taking of the charge of the post in details with lists while
106)Work-sheet and weekly abstract of arrears
107)Exhausting of causal leave by the staff member of the Charity Organisation
108)Delay at Superintendent’s Level
109)Regarding verification and attestation of Public Trusts Entries by Regional
110)Charity Commissioner visit to Public Trust Registration Office, Greater
111)Official language. English translation of documents etc
112)Form of appln. for registration of trust
113)Payment of Pay and Allowances to the Staff
114)Maintenance of Registers of Deposits and Advance in the Offices of the Charity Organization
115)Delegating the powers under section 41(C)
116)Cost of Process Server
117)Circular regarding not to avail of any kind of leave without prior sanction
118)Disposal of inquires by the Inspectors of the Regional Officer and Sub-Regional Offices
119)Inwarding of Tapal
120)Inspection Branch for Charity Organisation
121)Co-ordination of work in Charity Commissioner's office procedure of
122)Attending Govt. Reference by Regional Offices and Sub-Regional Offices
123)Inspectors-Exercise of powers u.s. 37(a) and (b) of the BPT Act,1950
124)Circular regarding exhausting of casual leave by Staff member of the Charity Organisation
125)Circular regarding late Muster or Attendance
126)Regional Officers Training
127)Circular regarding giving Judgement or order within 14 days after the case is closed
128)Circular regarding issue of N.O.C. under Urban Ceiling Act, 1976
129)Circular regarding Supply of Certified Copies
130)Norms of disposal of letters, applications inquiries etc., in respect of all the Branches i
131)Information for the purpose of under section 41 D of the Act
132)Acceptance of change Reports in respect of Immovable property
133)Government Vehicles --- Proper and economic use of
134)Maintenance of the Register of Public Trusts--Language
135)Report regarding financial assistance to the Trust
136)Issue of acknowledgements
137)Exemption of payments of contribution with effect from 1st April 1977 of Rs. 5,000 or less
138)History Sheet
139)Proper utilization of surplus funds, idle unused ornaments and other valuable movable prope
140)Payment of urgent charges such as electricity bills, telephone charges, freight charges etc
141)Inquiry contemplated by Rule 7A of Bombay Public Trusts Rules--- Procedure
142)Information regarding requisition to the Director of Accounts to the officers who are under
143)Information regarding periodical returns
144)Acknowledgement of letter modification and amendment
145)Notice of Demand (Schedules XV and XV-A)
146)Scrutiny of Accounting Returns and Balance Sheet
147)Weeding out of records for the year in the Charity Organisation
148)Due to financial year and census proposal disposal year had to be postponed i.e. from 1st A
149)Provision of Section 41C of the B.P.T.Act is not widely known to the public, therefore the
150)Issue of Notice by a Jt.C.C. to the C.C. in a Suo Motu Proceeding under Section 50A of the
151)Direction about all Judicial proceeding filed after the 9th March 1982 be sent to Jt. C. C
152)Destruction of records for the year 1982 in the Regional Offices
153)Attendance & Work in the office
154)Presentee in office
155)Instruction to StenographerSteno-typist names of all the particular
156)Recognised agent through whom a party may appear in inquiry under the BPT Act
157)Instruction to dispose of Judicial cases expeditiously
158)Transfer of cases under sections 35,36, 36A (3) 8355 and complaint pertaining to Nagpur, Ak
159)Direction about DeputyAssistant Charity Commissioner while holding inquiries under Various
160)Prosecution for failure of submission of audited accounts
161)Official discipline
162)Circular regarding dealing with parties
163)Regarding casual leave
164)Visit of Accounts Officer to Head Office
165)Refund of Deposit amount
166)Objection Proceedings Under rule 33(2) of the Bombay Public Trusts Rules, 1951, Clarificati
167)Attendance in Office
168)Clarification of gross annual income as per Schedule IX-C
169)Rate of Contribution
170)Rule 32 (2)
171)Second copy of registration certificate
172)Second copy of registration certificate
173)Time limit regarding office working for disposal of applications
174)Exemption in contribution for education objects
175)Tour Programme of Officers
176)Entry in Moving Register
177)Recognized agent through whom a party may appear in an
178)Destruction of budget record
179)Mode of Valuation Immovable Property, viz., temples
180)Scrutiny of audit reports
181)Scrutiny of audit reports
182)Scrutiny of audit reports
183)Fixation of dated of balancing accounts kept under
184)Section 41C
185)Duplicate copy of registration certificate
186)Court matters. Sending parawise comments alongwith notice
187)Misuse of office premises by staff for residential purpose
188)Applications for registration. Disposal and Monthly Return of
189)Index Cards
190)Society registration
191)Society registration under S.R.Act, 1860
192)Refund of excess contribution
193)Attendance in Office
194)Work to to be done from private printing press at the important and urgent work
195)Additional charge in leave period
196)Certificate of Registration of a public trust. Date of
197)Admission of record-documents
198)Inspection of trusts by Inspector-officer
199)Procedue for registering trust under 1860 be followed
200)Circular Government reference pending cases
201)regarding transfers or promotions
202)C I R C U L A R Prosecution u-s 83
203)appointment of auditor
204)Register of Public Trusts in Regional Offices. Copies of
205)reconstruction of Trust's R& P
206)inward post from Court&
207)regarding norms
208)computer training
209)Tour Programe be intimated 15-20 days in advance to H.O
210)Circular Registration proceeding be disposed as per rule 7-a of B.P.T. rules
211)Tour Program of Officers
213)Investing the Office Superintendents with certain powers, duties and functions
214)Duties of Subordinate Staff
215)Writing of Roznama datewise
216)Prohibition for change of work and designation
217)Time limit for delivering Judgements and disposal of judicial cases
218)Information regarding investment of trust fund by the public trust
219)Misuse of office premises by staff for residential purpose
220)Search of missing judicial cases
221)Time limit to Superintendent for forwarding the Inspectors Report to the Officers
222)Not to deal the wakf cases as per Sec. 43 of Wakf Act 1995
223)Societies to be registered on priority basis regarding Waterworks Development undertaken by
224)Income limit for inspection by Inspectors and Officers
225)B.P.T.Act, 1950 Procedure of Prosecution under
226)Absentee of office staff without permission
227)Issuing certified copies as per Rule 23
228)Availing leaves with prior permission
229)Availing leaves with prior sanction
230)Disposal of suo motu 41D cases by Joint Charity Commissioners on priority basis
231)Circular Demand of Stationery be made within 15 days
232)Circular Staff to attend office at 9-45 and for 3 late one c.l. be deducted
233)Inquiry report be sent within one month from receipt of complaint
234)Attendance in Office for Assembly
235)Circular Direction by City Civil Court for Lit.Dept
236)Interpretation of the Provisions of the B.P.T.Act
237)Circular Attendance of staff at 9.55 a.m.
238)Circular Attendance to be checked by officers
239)Circular Priority be given to recovery of arrears of contribution failure to which action be
240)Circular Directions to Jt. Dy. Acc
241)Circular To take entry in c.r. and necessary action against staff-officer who goes on leave o
242)Circular Movement Register be maintained properly and charge sheet be given after retirement
243)To take disclipinary action aganst those who are found talking on mobile without attending vi
244)Circular Staff to leave office at 6-00 p.m. every day an obtaion prior permission from concer
245)Circular Staff to complete pending cases on his table on every friday in 2nd session
246)Duty of Watchman
247)Duties of Subordinate Staff
248)Circular Weekly statement of encashment of chequesdrafts
249)Circular All officers-staff to switch off the light and fans when not required
250)Circular copies of 2 best judgments to reach CC for review every month
251)Circular Grievance of Advocates practicing in CC Office
252)Circular Grievance of Advocates practicing in CC Office
253)Circular withdrawn
254)Circular Necessary informatiion of LAQ-Star Question be furnished to H.O. in time
255)Circular Matters u-s 36 to dealt with by Jt.C.CC.GBR
256)Circular TDR
257)Circular Inspection of record and issuing xerox copies be given to concerned persons only, fa
258)The Register of Public Trusts - Information to be entered in the 'Remarks' column and verific
259)Circular Pending cases of Inspectors be disposed off on priority basis and every 15 fortnight
260)Public Trusts governed by Schemes sanctioned by Court Procedure regarding dates of closing
261)Direction to Officers-staff reg. Assembly
262)Direction to staff during Assembly period
263)Direction to Supdt. for registration of judicial cases promptly
264)Jt.CC to submit report - with reference to circular 332
265)Service of Notice. In case of a society regd.under the S.R.Act, 1860
266)Payment of audit fees in respect of audits under the old Acts. Procedure regarding
267)Fixation of dates for balancing the accounts kept u.s. 32 of the BPT Act, 1950 and entering
268)Death of a trustee-applicant. Whether application abates and procedure to be followed
269)Recovery of postal charges for copies or certified copies sent by post
270)Branches of Societies registered under the S.R.Act, 1860
271)Inquiry u.s 28 of the B.P.T.Act, 1950
272)The register of Public Trusts. Writing of
273)Power of inspection and supervision u.s.37 of the BPT Act - Precaution to be adopted
274)Form of Notice of inquiry & letter of request to be sent to trustees
275)Procedure for accounting payments to Assessors
276)Procedure to be followed in
277)Substituted Services. Procedure in inquiries under the BPT Act
278)Devasthan Committees - Appointment of a member of Archaeological bias on the
279)Transfer of a public trust from the Register of public trusts maintained by one PTR Office t
280)Consolidation of applns. for registration relating to the same trust, and Powers of Dy. or A
281)Section 54,, Collection in kind - whether constitute Dharmada
282)Instructions in respect of Forms Nos. 1 to 4 vide Circular No. 3
283)Verification of numbers of securities lodged with Banks
284)Rule 32(3) - Procedure to be observed in estimating rent of buildings not rented out and yie
285)Donations received by a public trust and offering made to a deity - Whether liable for contr
286)Investment of Public Trust Money
287)Rule 32(3) - appln. of - to Dharmada Trusts
288)Demand Notice - Rounding up of contribution amounts while issuing
289)Exemption from the payment of contribution of hostels, public libraries & reading rooms trus
290)Basis of Levy of Contribution, Elucidation of a case, interest on borrowed sums and circumst
291)Collection of contribution
292)Exemption from the payment of contribution of Sanatoria
293)Instructions for maintenance of Roznama
294)Manner of audit. Submission of Schedules
295)Scrutiny of Schedule IX-C
296)Refund of Income Tax whether chargeable to contribution, etc
297)Exemption of contribution of income capitalised or added to corpus, etc
298)Interpretation of Amendment to Rule 17
299)Can the question whether a trust exists and such trust is a public trust
300)Designation of Regional Offices
301)Delay in disposing of references received from Govt. and Minister (Law)
302)Procedure regarding refund to registration fee in the case of a double payment and in cases
303)Assessment of contribution in respect of public trusts administered by Govt. through its off
304)Amounts set apart by businessmen annually for 'Shubhakam' Regional Officers not to insist on
305)Maintenance of the Register of Contribution in the PTR Offices
306)Period for lodging objections, if any, against assessment of contribution - Insertion of
307)Temple cases - evidence of non-devotees regarding public user
308)Determination of the question whether a Goshala or a Panjrapole is a business trust. Princip
309)Return of Documents
310)Court-fee stamp on objection filed u.R.33(2)-whether necessary
311)Annual returns of public trusts with reference to the different dates of closing their accoun
312)Inspector's report in sec. 19 inquiries
313)Section 35 and 36 of the Bombay Public
314)Inam grants Principles of construction
315)Circumstances under which “offerings ” are exempt from payment of contribution
316)Sanction to prosecute – procedure to be followed
317)Disposal of inquiries by Regional Officer on tour
318)Examination of witness on commission
319)Concessions under section 33 (2)
320)Supply of copies in inquiries made by Inspectors
321)Assessment of contribution Dharmada Subh
322)Registration of Societies registered under the S. R. Act, 1860
323)Grant of assistance to Government servants
324Production of extracts from documents
325)Requisition to the Collector for recovery of sums
326)Section 37 (a) of the Bombay Public Trusts Act, 1950
327)Order passed by the Regional Officers under rule
328)Adjustment to Trust Corpus
329)Increment. Proposals for sanctioning – to non gazetted staff
330)Submission of Accounts by Public Trusts
331)Office hours on Saturdays in the Mofussil Regional Offices
332)Memorandum in the prescribed form Schedule II-A
333)Application for Registration - Delay in furnishing particulars in, and documents to be annex

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